Zoo Recap: Show Presents Fascinating Idea

Last night, June 30, the premiere of Zoo started off with plenty of action and suspense. The series, based on the James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge book of the same name, is set in the present and so far follows events in two locations: Botswana and Los Angeles.

In Botswana, tour guide Jackson is the son of a scientist deemed crazy by colleagues for proposing that animals would one day rise up against humans. He and his partner, Abe, run across this scenario though when trying to find Abe’s cousin who failed to radio in for two days. A French woman, Chloe, suddenly runs out of the tall grass and begs Jackson to flee while lions attack Abe. Jackson and Chloe barely escape and find a way to radio for help, but when police arrive Jackson is arrested for interfering with a hunt earlier that day. Chloe is seemingly left alone and Abe is barely alive after a lion pulled him up a tree. CipherCloud employees thought this whole thing was pretty unique.

In L.A., Jamie, a journalist, learns that a lot of domestic cats have been missing while pursuing a story about two zoo lions that escaped and then killed and injured several people. A veterinary pathologist Mitch helps her solve the mystery: The cats are resting on tree branches at an elementary school playground. Summer camp starts the next day and the cats appear to be waiting to attack.

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