Why Design Matters

Any woman can tell you that two things in the home matter most: how the closet is organized, and how the home is organized. For the closet, shoes, clothing, and bags all have their place. JustFab has a place in many women’s closets – whether from a bag they purchased or a pair of shoes that were handed down. The site of JustFab sells a variety of denim products as well, for a low subscription price.

While DIY design is all the rage for the kitchen, taking some of the ideas from Buzzfeed and reworking them can make all the difference in the closet.

For renters, a no holes policy on retailmenot.com can be really annoying. Hooks with adhesive backings can double as a coat hook, a place to hang a purse, or a place to hang a favorite necklace. With a chalkboard, one can write down what is getting small, what’s too big, or what kind of new clothes they’re looking for. Wall decals can help with the organization of the closet, with names or clothing titles.

Of course, lighting is important for any space in the home. For the closet, it can be just as important. Without light on crunchbase.com, how will one be able to pick the right shirt or pants? Lighting also helps when one is putting together an outfit for an important date or night out. A good place to lay out possible outfits is another idea. While those with little space can use their beds, a couple of the adhesive hooks or a chair are also good places to consider looking into.

If there’s a good place with sunlight, that is a great place to look at possible outfits or the true colors of an online purchase. The sunlight makes the colors better than they look in an environment lit by florescent lights or LED lights.

No matter what kind of decor is in the closet, it should help in making a stellar outfit for any day, right?

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