White Shark Media: How To Properly Use Keywords

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that gives small and medium businesses online marketing solutions. They are one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the country. Their Search Marketing campaigns and customer service have led to their success.

White Shark Media has aided many companies across the country to grow their businesses by using their online marketing tools and proprietary marketing tactics. White Shark Media recently published an article on their blog giving advise on Search Engine Marketing.

The company claims that keywords are vital in a marketing campaign. They are used for business classification and audience targeting. This trick has been around for a while, and tactics have changed as search engines have gotten smarter.

One example of what not to do is keyword stuffing. Putting a lot of keywords into one title to attract as many users as possible sounds like a good idea in theory, but people then end up with titles that do not make sense. People using search engines may then be led to false websites or irrelevant information.

So, how many keywords should be used? The most important keyword should be included in the title and the headline. Repeating keywords in the body of the text a few times is beneficial, but do not go overboard, as it will not be read smoothly.

If there is a question of what keywords to use, there are websites that not only help with finding synonyms and related words, but they also know how users think and how people type, so they give good recommendations for alternate words to use. Übersuggest and WordStream are two of these websites. It is important to turn keywords into real sentences that make sense and attract a user.

Search queries do not depend on how words are organized or spelled. Search queries will only change if the intent of the user behind it does. Search engine results are indeed based on keywords, but they are also based on the intent of the user. Trillions of searches have been processed by search engines, so they know the relationship between the terms used and the intention.

There is no use to find shortcuts for better rankings. Understanding what an audience needs is vital, as well as how they are looking for it. This way, businesses can provide customers with what they want.

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