What Your Doctor Isn’t Saying

After you have surgery, you might think that you can go home and recover like nothing ever happened. This is sometimes not the case as there are things that doctors sometimes won’t tell you after your procedure. Depending on where the surgery took place on the body, you might nott be able to talk or text for a few days. You might have to get comfortable clothing as your typical wardrobe might not fit right, or it might be too snug against the incision. Some of the pain medications that you are given could lead to an addiction.


You can usually get by on over the counter pain killers if you ask Susan McGalla her opinion. Taking a shower every day is important because it can help keep the incision clean, and it can help you feel like a normal person after surgery according to a few reports on Forbes.com. These are things that your doctor won’t tell you, but they are important to know so that you can have a speedy recovery process.

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