US Money Reserve’s Amazing Customer Service Policy

There are many places to purchase gold, silver, and other types of precious metals from, but few distributors of precious metals are as reputable, knowledgeable, and as fair in practice as US Money Reserve. Based out of the Lone Star State, US Money Reserve conducts their operations through the phone and the internet as mediums for arranging trades and sales of gold and other precious metals.

US Money Reserve deals with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Silver and gold come in bullion, which are blank bars of gold. There are coins in all four types of precious metals provided by US Money Reserve, which have been inscribed with indentions, bumps, and raises. All of the coins have been made by the US Mint at one point or another, but the majority of the coins are newer coins made within the past fifty years or so. There is a wide variety of coins available to add to a collection or invest in due to their potential increase in value.

US Money Reserve offers a variety of services and privileges that the majority of other precious metal distributors in the United States do not provide, such as a guaranteed refund if one is not fully satisfied with their purchase for any reason. There is also a price protection program which means that a customer is able to re-price their orders within a seven day period of the initial order because the price of coins and bullion change very often.

US Money Reserve definitely has some of the highest quality coins on the market. The rating of these coins are always either a 69 or a 70 out of a scale that runs from 1 to 70. Many other distributors do not have such a high percentage of their coin stock that belongs to this mint status of coins like US Money Reserve does.

Anybody interested in finding more about US Money Reserve is able to call them at 866-646-8465 and ask any questions they may have about US Money Reserve, the types of precious metals they have in stock at the time, and about how the entire precious metal buying and trading process with US Money Reserve works.

US Money Reserve provides buyers with the promise that experts on behalf of US Money Reserve will provide their customers with the most up to date information about the value of their coin(s) so they know how much they should price their coins when they sell them in the future.

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