There Are Many Reasons To Write A Book

Mark Sparks Offers a Path to Success
Mark Sparks has written a book that is rather unorthodox. The book is about his own unorthodox path to success. It is titled “They Can’t Eat You” Mr. Sparks has chronically been asked why he wrote a book. This is indeed a good question for people to ask because many believe that there are typically two reasons that a book is written. These are:
* money
* ego
Mark Sparks has written other books. Perhaps there really are more than two reasons to write a book. It could be that information and knowledge can be shared through books. Experience may certainly play a role in the purpose of writing a book. It is a fact that Mr. Sparks is a highly successful individual who has much wisdom to share through his writing. Sharing information is more than beneficial.

How to Gain a Customer for Life
Mark Sparks is an entrepreneur. He has run a couple of restaurants, an insurance company, along with over sixty startups. This is a person who has solid knowledge to offer prospective business owners. Mr. Sparks does have the ability to inform others how they too can keep a customer for life. It is his opinion that a customer must be placed as a top priority. Satisfaction for the customer and the business will be achieved. Mark Sparks is a credible individual who can back up his theories and ideas.

Confidence is the Key
Through his exceptional writing, Mark Sparks informs the reader that a person has the ability to accomplish just about anything when they have confidence. Confidence will empower children in many ways. There is so much that a child has the ability to do when confidence is instilled.

Discover the Many Reasons for Writing a Book
When you read the books that Mark has written, you will discover the many reasons for writing a book. A book that inspires and provides great information is not about ego and money. You can find out the real reasons for writing a book.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

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