The Successful Reign of Rick Smith in Securus Technologies

Every company wants success, a good reputation and to be in the lead in their industry. Their many factors that could make this dream come true. Having a good CEO is one of the key elements. The chief executive officer of the company has numerous roles in the business. Firms with able CEOs remain at the top even during hard economic times. They are also not threatened by competition.

Securus Technologies is one of the companies that are lucky to have an able CEO. It is not a wonder that the company remains the leading company in the provision of high technology. No other firm or designer has been able to second their expertise.

Rick Smith was appointed as the Securus Technologies CEO in 2008. This was the best decision the company has made. His great leadership qualities, clean criminal record, experience, and a tremendous educational background are some of the factors that Securus saw in him. From the development of the company, it is clear he was the right individual for this job.

Rick Smith had worked in different firms before landing to Securus Technologies. This was what gave him the experience he needed. He had also worked in various departments of high tech companies. This gave him an idea of the duty of the different departments and their contribution to the output.

Rick Smith had a good reputation from the firms he had worked with before. Before he joined Securus, he was the CEO of Eschelon-Telkom. Through his hard work, determination and good strategies he raised the standards of the company. Their revenue raised to $ 350 million from $30 million. He also raised $80 million with EBITDA.

Besides the great experience, Rick Smith also has a rich academic background. Every CEO needs great academics to understand the fundamentals of operating a business. It helps understand the financial records and other essential fundamentals in a system. Rick Smith is a product of very prestigious institutions.

Rick Smith has a bachelor in degree in Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics and engineering. Smith is also an MBA holder.

Final Verdict

Rick Smith has all the qualities to run a business. His experience and educational background are just but few of the examples. Securus Technologies has had major changes since the reign of Rick Smith began.

The architecture has been built to meet the firm’s needs. This has helped increase the efficiency of the company.

More and more companies continue to sign up for the services of Securus Technologies. This is because of their expertise and their high level of innovation. Their clients know they can trust them to protect them against risks of having their private data exposed. The citizens also feel safe knowing they are protected by Securus Company.

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