The Rich Literary Works of Brazilian Authors

Brazilian literature has a lengthy and inspirational history. Since Brazil’s independence in 1822, the country has witnessed the emergence of exceptional writers who focus on the rich multicultural set up of the country. Anyone who would like to learn about Brazil’s long and vibrant history should read the works of some of the country’s most loved authors.

One of the writers that one should consider picking their books and reading is Bernardo Carvalho. During the 1990s, Carvalho was seen as a very promising figure in Brazilian literature, and he has matured today as one of the most respect Brazilian authors in the 21st century. This author envisions reaching everyone with his messages. Some of his recent published works, including Nine Nights (2002) has been translated into English. Nine Nights is narrating the story of an American youth who takes away his life in Brazil in 1939 and leaves behind seven letters with varied justifications of his nasty choice.

Twitter users tell that another respected Brazilian writer is Jorge Amado. Born in 1912, Amado was perhaps one of the most esteemed Brazilian authors. During his lifetime, he was able to bestride wide popular appeal and critical acclaim. Most of his novels, including Dona Flor and her Two Husbands (1966), Captains of the Sands (1937), and Gabriela, Clove and Cinammon (1937) are classics of contemporary Brazilian literature. These literary works not only teach about the people and customs of Brazil but are also humorous.

In 1970, another incredibly new voice in the Brazilian literature realm was born. Adriana Lisboa was born in Rio de Janeiro. She produces works that are centered on Brazilian characters interacting with multiple cultures and languages. In one of her latest novels, Lisboa puts down the experiences of traveling and interacting with many cultures as a means of discovering the attachment to her home country and its rich history. Like Carvalho, she has published some of her works, including Crow Blue (2014), into English.

Another outstanding Brazilian author of the 21st century is Jamie Garcia Dias. The 45-year-old author started writing 30 years ago and has produced over 20 books. When he started writing, Dias had no idea that he would one day be recognized the way he has been recognized in Brazil and other parts of the world. He joins a long list of Brazilian writers who have won prestigious awards for their works. By now, 2015, he has won outstanding literary awards for Clouds, Tiny, Canal, Fell from Heaven, and Two Ways. Apart from his extensive and industrious career in literature, this author has also had a career in education. He served as a teacher in the Carioca Literature Academy for five years and mentored many students and young professionals to produce rich literary works just as he does.

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