The New App Handy and Oisin Hanrahan

A man named Oisin Hanrahan is the creator of the new app Handy, which has become quite successful. The app is used to clean up, and also to help people fix things themselves through tutorials, commonly referred to as do it yourself. The app has become very popular and is making millions of dollars. It only employs people to be the cleaners who qualify to meet certain specifications. Very few are accepted and hired to be a part of the app. Hanrahan tries very hard to make sure that the people using his app are satisfied, and clearly he is doing a pretty good job at it. Has he done anything different than the normal person to enjoy this success?

Now 32, Hanrahan is not inexperienced in the world of running a business. while a teenager going to the school called Trinity College that is located in Dublin, he opted out of the party scene in favor of spending his free time trying to make it as a property developer. He successfully funded his campaign by selling cardboard. His part time job required a lot of travel and hard work but it payed off and he was doing well.

In or around 2009 there was a global financial crisis, and as a result something called the property crash. These events hampered Hanrahan’s business and he started to have a hard time. So he carved out his name in some other places and was very successful. He created the Undergraduate Awards, a successful non profit organization. He got the idea to start handy because of how hard it was to procure handy men while living in Budapest.

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