The Masters of Corporate Advisory Services

John Holt is the President and CEO of NexBank Capital Inc. On November, 7th 2016 Holt participated in the banker panel discussion speaking on community banking. They discussed perspectives to compete by innovation. Participants explore opportunities such as organic growth and branching. NexBank Capital Inc. was founded in 1922. They have amassed $3.5 billion dollars in assets as of June,30th 2016. NexBank offers many services including advisory services to large organizations, real estate investors, middle market companies, small businesses and also banks. With treasury management they work for institutions nationwide to help them increase productivity of their treasury operations. Also to gain greater visibility into their cash flow and expand revenue potential of short term assets. NexBank has specially tailored depository services and specialized interest bearing accounts to meet the needs of public funds depositors. Their high yielding accounts generate returns on your idle cash. They also work close with their institutional clients to understand their specific goals and objectives to develop specialized solutions to meet their strategic goals. NexBank has decades of experience in corporate financing and can meet the needs of companies that are an array of sizes. Not to mention their superb mergers and acquisitions advisory. They have experience with some of the most complex clients in the market. Nexbank has achieved longevity and continues to pass it down to help other companies and individuals to achieve that same longevity.

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