The Man Who Saves Babies

How would you like the title of being ‘the man who saves babies? James Harrison is considered a saint among many for making 1,106 blood donations. His avid blood donations are attributed to his illness at the age of 14. At age 14 he needed both blood and a lung to be removed. Harrison was “in the hospital the hospital for 3 months…and had 100 stitches.” After Harrison had received an estimated 2 gallons of blood from donors, Harrison only had one way to thank the world which was to give right back.

At the age of 18, Harrison began to give blood on a regular basis. For 11 years, 3 times a week, Harrison would donate as much blood as he was allowed to. During his early years as a donor, a disease called Rh disease caused a dangerous predicament for pregnant women. The only solution to cure the disease was to find a rare antibody known as Rh (D) globulin, also known as anti-D.

Harrison, just so happens possessed this anti-D cure in his blood. This has been attributed to the fact that he was given blood at the age of 14. In current times, he has made it into the Guinness World Record as the ‘man with the golden arm’ reports Qnet (read the article on

With over 60 years of donating experience, James Harrison not only is an avid blood donor but also a life saver.