“The Interview” Is Now Being Released

The film “The Interview” starring Seth Rogan and James Franco is now set to be released. Last week Sony Pictures cancelled all theater showings of the film and announced they had no plans to release it online or otherwise. This decision comes after an anonymous group calling themselves “Guardians of Peace” had hacked into Sony Pictures and released private emails, social security numbers of employees, salaries, passwords and other highly sensitive material. After the hack the group also threatened “9/11” like violence to any theater that screened the film. North Korea is suspected to be behind the group “Guardians of Peace”.

Now, a week later, its all over LinkedIn.com how Sony Pictures has announced that “The Interview” will be released. Two theaters, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin and The Plaza theater in Atlanta will be showing the film on Christmas day, which is the original release date. Sony Pictures will also release the film to video on demand services. The list of video on demand suppliers are unavailable at the moment however check back with The Wrap for more news.

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