The Incredible Accomplishments Of Vinny Parascandola

Vinny Parascandola is a recognized financial advisor, manager, and a notable business leader. He has extensive experience after holding numerous senior positions in different companies handling financial matters. Currently, he is the Senior Vice President of AXA Advisors, a reputable firm that offers premium financial services and products. The multinational company has offices in various locations and its main office is situated in Paris.

Parascandola is in charge of a network of about six thousand financial professionals providing financial guidance and addressing global insurance matters. The influential position that Parascandola holds gives him a chance to have his efforts felt not only in headquarters in Paris but also in Middle East, Western Europe, Africa, North America and Asia-Pacific region.

AXA Advisors LLC was formed in 1816 under the name Ancienne Mutuelle and it has growth since then by acquiring other small firms to its current status. From the firm foundation set up a century ago, the multinational company has grown into a brand-name recognize all over the world. The current name, AXA Advisors LLC, was developed when the company acquired other firms in 1985.

Besides being a reputable insurance and financial consultation firm, AXA Advisors LLC under the leadership of Parascandola and other members of administration engage in philanthropic and environmental conservation activities. As a result, the company created AXA Foundation and set aside a hundred million euro research fund that has benefited numerous countries. Today, the company still runs AXA Heart in Action Initiative that is aimed at developing artistic and social developments.

Being the current Senior Executive Vice President, Vincent Parascandola has attained great developments through his unparalleled management style. For instance, his expertise has enabled him to recruit thousands of qualified financial professionals as AXA Advisor’s representatives. He has also earned recognition and respectable awards like GAMA’s Career Development and the Master Agency Awards. More significantly, he is a great public speaker and he is often invited to speak during business meetings, seminars, and conferences.

Prior to his current role, Vincent had worked for Continental Division as Chief Sales Officer. He was also the President of the Nothern Division and the Head of the Advantage Group. He has also worked for MONY Group as a Field Vice President, Sales Manager, and a Managing Director.

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