The Following Recap

On Monday, Fox finished the third season of “The Following” with a two-hour season and series finale.

In the first hour, Theo dragged Daisy back to Eliza’s apartment and demanded that Eliza give him two of her men. Theo, Daisy and the men then went after former FBI agent Gina Mendez and her family. Ryan, Max and a handful of trusted agents showed up and eventually killed Eliza’s men. Max killed Daisy in the nearby woods, but Theo kidnapped Ryan and another agent.

In the second hour, Theo killed the agent and water boarded Ryan until Eliza showed up. Eliza was convinced Ryan had investigated her organization. After she threatened his loved ones, he promised he would go after her people. Lisa was exposed as a double-agent working for Eliza. When she and Max arrived at Theo’s hideout, Theo grabbed her to use her to get to Gwen. Theo had learned about Ryan’s child and decided he would raise it to hate Ryan. Eventually, Ryan shot Theo while on a bridge, but Theo grabbed Ryan and they fell over the side. Everyone believed Ryan died.

Max and Mike, who survived last week’s stabbing, agreed to help Gwen. Elsewhere in the hospital, a stranger approached Lisa who was recovering from a gunshot. It was Ryan! He told Lisa he was going after Eliza’s group and, after learning what he could, killed her and walked away.

Thanks STX Entertainment for the recap!

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