The Dire Predictions Of George Soros

There are people that believe that the European Union is in danger of falling apart. George Soros believes that the organization is in very grave danger, and it is destined to fall apart. He thinks the migrant crisis poses a threat to the solvency of the union. George Soros is a very well respected financial expert in Europe, and he is a successful billionaire. He does feel that it would be possible to solve this crisis, and the German Chancellor is key to the crisis being successfully averted.

George Soros is an extremely successful businessman who grew up in Hungary. He worked in the high levels of business for many years. Nowadays, George Soros has a company of his own that he founded. He started Soros Fund Management during the 1970s. Soros Fund Management has been an extremely successful corporation, and he has made a fortune with it. The company manages investments, and George Soros is an expert on this subject. He has a great deal of understanding of the economic and political situation in general. In addition to his great success in the business world, he has also done a great deal to give back.

Given his very credible, well known standing in the business world, his predictions on CNBC for the European Union are alarming indeed. Worse yet, he is not the only person who feels that this is the case. The Chancellor of Germany, Merkel, also has very serious concerns about the solvency of the European Union. The current migrant situation is not the only thing that has gone wrong with the European Union. Greece’s economic crash has had serious negative impacts on the European Union. Now, Merkel needs to work very quickly and effectively to solve the migrant crisis and avert disaster. Otherwise, both Merkel and George Soros feel that the European Union will crumble.

Hopefully, the European Union is able to pull itself out of the current tailspin that it is in. It is obviously hoped that Merkel will be able to solve the migrant crisis, and the European Union will be able to remain solvent. However, at this time nothing is certain. It cannot be said whether or not the European Union will continue to remain unified in future years.

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