The Common Ideology Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders Share

The elimination of economic inequality ought to be prioritized by every government. American politician Bernie Sanders has ideas similar to social democratic principles that emphasize the reduction of the gap between the rich and the poor. He is of the opinion that this kind of discrepancy is unethical and undesirable.

Charles Koch, a billionaire industrialist raised storm when he openly endorsed the ideas of Sanders by saying that unequal wealth distribution is an issue of moral concern. He wrote an article in the Washington Post stating that it is unfair that the burden of tax payment lies majorly on the poor and this widens the gap between them and the wealthy.

Brief History of Charles Koch

He is not only one of the most influential businessmen in the US but also a philanthropist and supporter of free-enterprise economy. A resident of Wichita Kansas, he was born in 1935 and was educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He heads Koch Industries, a firm founded by his father as Rock Island Oil and Refining Company. He is worth 41 billion US dollars.

Koch is a devoted supporter of the Republican Party and arranges meetings of the party’s benefactors twice every year to share ideas about how the Party can be strengthened.

How Koch’s Sentiments will Influence the 2016 Presidential Elections

In his article, Charles Koch agrees with the ideas of Sanders about the unequal distribution of resources between the rich and the poor. Questions still abound as to whether his sentiments are genuine. Traditionally, Republicans and Democrats have had opposing views on almost all issues. The rich, represented by Koch and co. are always seen to be leaning towards the Republicans while the poor, represented by Sanders and co. tend to lean towards the Democrats.

Many analysts feel his thoughts will influence the course of the 2016 presidential elections. It portrays the Republicans as having compassion towards the poor and given chance, they can help alleviate them from abject poverty by lowering taxes imposed on them. This could win them the support of moderates and non-partisan voters. Democrats however see this as being a defeatist notion because it is the rich who implement policies that favor them, leaving out the poor. They are therefore bound to oppose any rule enacted to tax them more and relieve the tax burden from the poor.

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