The Career of Malini Saba

There are a lot of people that are looking for the opportunity to start their careers in the business world. I think that women are often the ones that are experiencing the problems. They tend to hit the glass ceiling quite often and find themselves frustrated with their job choices. In my opinion I think that Maini Saba may be one of the smartest corporate women around. She took hold of the financial industry through investing and made her way into corporate business without asking for anyone’s approval.

When people take the time to look at the financial industry for what it is they need to realize that anyone that has the money can invest. Race or gender doesn’t matter as much. If you have the right funds to make the investment you can actually build up your portfolio without a hitch. That is what Malini Saba has done. I think that her ability to make wise investments would give her more financial power to gain leverage in the business world. Saba is a chairman for a financial company, but she runs her own non-profit organization. I felt like she was able to rise above the limitations that were put on women because she made her own mark.

I am inspired by what she has been able to do because she still finds time to raise her daughter. Saba cares about women that are struggling, and she also cares about women that are trying to break through glass ceilings. She serves as a strong motivator to both. I am impressed by the money that she has given to disaster relief and the homeless. I think that all of this has allowed her to grow beyond what people would assume that most women could do.

The best thing about someone like Saba is that she is able to take her money and do something that will help others. She could have easily made her millions with investments and lived lavishly off of her own return on investments. This is something that she could have done, and I would not have thought any less of her. I admired her because she felt like she would be able to help others. I think that this is remarkable. Her ability to reach back and help women in need makes her an inspiration to me and so many others in the business world.

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