The Bestselling “Menu” of Lip Balm Flavors EOS Offers

Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm and skin care company. It is sometimes referred to by the shorter name EOS. All of their lip balms have antioxidants in their ingredients list. Some of those antioxidant enriched ingredients within the EOS lip balms are vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter. The products are completely petrolatum and paraben free. The best sellers from the EOS menu of lip balms is the pomegranate raspberry, passion fruit, blueberry acai and coconut milk.

The pomegranate raspberry EOS is made from all natural ingredients. It comes in a stylish deep red colored egg shaped container. It is scented with pomegranate seed oil and raspberry leaf. It is guaranteed organic and will keep your lips super smooth.

Passion fruit EOS are packaged in a light lilac egg-like container. It is scented with passion fruit flower extract. It’s a nice tropical, organic lip balm. Check out for the variety of EOS products.

Blueberry acai is 95% organic and is proven to increase lip hydration by dermatologist testing. The blueberry acai EOS is infused with blueberry and acai berry extracts. The blueberry acai packaging resembled the color and shape of a blueberry.

The coconut milk EOS lip balm is packaged in a creamy pink colored egg shape bottle. The coconut milk EOS has all of the usual ingredients of an EOS lip balm along with coconut scent that is from coconut oil within the product. Visit the website,

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