The Battle Between The Businesses Of Lake Tahoe And Backers Of Incorporation Is Finally Over

The the Reno-Gazette Journal released an informative article concerning the struggles and tribulations Lake Tahoe has had to deal with for the last four years. The area has had to deal with unfavorable weather condition, and the community and businesses have also had to deal with a political threat concerning a blanket incorporation over the resorts and businesses. The article went into the long and public battle between Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, and the backers of the incorporation. Andy Wirth has been an outspoken critic of the incorporation, and he had a lot to say in the article too.

The backers of incorporation claim Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski Resort have motives to resist the incorporation, and they have insinuated the motives were self-serving. According to the backers, Andy Wirth’s business fears having to answer to a committee and future residents of the area. According to Andy Wirth, an incorporation would be a financial, political and civic disaster. Andy Wirth is likely correct in this. The blanket incorporation proposed would essentially offer a stake of ownership and authority over businesses to a committee. That is not how businesses are run. Andy Wirth maintained it would have an impact from the largest business to the smallest business, even a wine bar would fall under the incorporation rules.

Fortunately for Lake Tahoe resorts and businesses depending on the tourism, the incorporation will not happen, and the backers were forced to withdraw their goal in incorporating the area. A lot of money was used by the backers and Andy Wirth to fight this battle, and a California commission put a halt on the backers.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, fought hard to preserve the freedom and integrity of his community and the businesses involved. He is deeply involved in many philanthropic projects in the area. After the victory over backers of the incorporation, Andy Wirth is now actively pushing for projects to help the area thrive even more. He is currently pushing for an improvement to the transportation situation.

Andy Wirth has been in the hotel and resort industry for over 25 years, and he loves what he does. He is deeply involved in his community and other projects concerning his area’s environment. After having his arm ripped off and surgically reattached, he hasn’t missed a step, and he has now become involved in aiding injured Navy Seals.

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