The Anti-Vaccine Movement Marches on in the Minds of the Young


An alarming finding has come out of a survey by YouGov, which finds that one out of five Millennials believe that vaccines cause autism stated This notion has been thoroughly debunked since getting started over a decade ago, but apparently the younger generation haven’t gotten the message yet said Dave Morin. It would seem that the damage done by certain celebrities trumpeting this anti-vaccine view for several years now is still lingering in the minds of many young Americans. If more young people would stop texting and chatting with friends long enough to read a news story on this issue, they might realize that the rest of the world has moved on with regard to the reality of this issue. Fortunately, no other age group was as clueless on this issue as those adults aged 18 to 29.

It would seem to make sense that young people might be more easily swayed by what a favorite celebrity tells them about an issue. The young tend to worship at the altar of celebrity far more than those of us in our 40s and older. It is sad because many of these young people will be having families, and they will have to decide whether to get their children vaccinated. Let’s hope that the majority who find themselves in this position are part of the four out of five Millennials who do not believe the anti-vaccination hokum. The lives of those who are too medically vulnerable to get vaccinated, such as infants or people with compromised immune systems, may literally depend on it.

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