The Amazing Success of Handy

The home service industry is really booming with the new developments in smartphone technology. On-demand services like Uber have really proven that individuals are willing to use their smartphones to hire individuals that they have never met. The instant gratification outweighs the small risk that is associated with the transaction. The home service industry is benefiting greatly from this new found consumer confidence.

Just like in any industry, Handy has risen to the top of the on-demand home services industry. Handy hit 1 million bookings a week in 2014, and they haven’t slowed down yet. This company has been providing customers with the very best services at a decent cost. These services can fit into homeowners schedules in a very easy fashion. With on demand services, homeowners can simply book services when they are able to fit it into their schedule. This is one of the reasons that Handy has been so successful.

Handy also prides themselves on their commitment to excellence. There are very few home services companies that are as hard to work for as Handy. When looking at the stats, it is actually easier to get into Stanford than it is to work for Handy. This is something that has allowed customers to understand that the workers who are coming into their homes are only the best of the best. This has also created a competitive environment for the employees of Handy who can now create a great supplementary or primary income for themselves on their own terms.

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