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Sawyer Howitt- Young Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt has been making big things happen from a very young age. At a very young age he has been able to understand the needs of a business and how it functions. At a young age Howitt has demonstrated he is willing to do all of the little things needed to make a business work such as note taking during key meetings or filing papers.

A young graduate and Portland, Oregon native, Sawyer Howitt is using both analytics and artistry in his work efforts. His high school years have been spent in preparation with his studies, internships and efforts in business and finance. Sawyer spends much of his time with his father David Howitt, the proprietor of the Meriwether Group.

This group specializes in providing consultancy in business development. Howitt is currently employed as the project manager of the Meriwether Group and he directs an innovative company to potentially great future.

Sawyer has achieved quite a bit of success even if he is just a recent high school graduate. Just a young entrepreneur, his experience is already diverse and wide-ranging. He has done things as a young entrepreneur that some entrepreneurs never achieve. He understands the heard of a business and is focused on the needs of consumers first.

Despite such great business success, Sawyer Howitt is like most kids his age in many ways. In his free time he enjoys listening to music and taking photographs. He is also a member of the Portland, Oregon Racquetball Club. Outside of business and his free time he spends lots of time giving back to others. He has led a number of philanthropic groups that focus on important causes such as educational funding and women’s rights. He also helps mentor troubled youth and does other community work.

It’s obvious that Sawyer Howitt is a unique young person. He is already very successful in business and looks to have a long career making lots of impact.

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