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OSI Food Solutions has Created a Great New Production Facility

It has been said that the world runs on beef, well, now it is being said that the world runs on chicken. In a recent study conducted by a census board and a team of scientists and dietitians, it was found that the world’s population is eating more chicken than ever. Beef consumption is now secondary to poultry. The world has been increasing its chicken consumption in an effort to obtain the health benefits presented by poultry and they are now recognizing the downfalls of the beef industry. OSI Food solutions has responded to this knowledge by evolving with its customer base. The world is thanking them and responding by consuming products.

OSI Food Solutions has increased its production capacity by creating facilities with increased potential to produce chicken. The improved facilities contain expanded wings and floors with conveyor belts. The preservation chambers are there for safety and freshness of finished products. The processing facility has been manned by more workers and can now produce more than double the amount of chicken it was able to produce in previous years. This is perfect for the dietary demands that society has adopted. The consumption of chicken has been shown to improve immune function, increase muscular production and function, and is less fattening than red meat. OSI Food Solutions has doubled their chicken production in response to these health efforts.

OSI Food Solutions is an international producer and provider of chicken and beef products. They are also providers of other food solutions. They are a privately owned company with locations around the world. Their facilities in France, Spain, and the United States account for the majority of food production in those countries. OSI Food Solutions is a national hero in each country they serve. They have historically been the provider of choice for hospitals, schools, and packagers. Their products undergo rigorous safety inspections and must pass a ten point quality inspection before going to market. No other food company can compare to the quality and care that OSI Food Solutions puts into their products. It is this reason that OSI Food Solutions has been able to double their food production capacity.

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