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The Remarkable Career of Sheldon Lavin As the Leader Behind OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is one of the most experienced executives globally. His remarkable leadership skills are out of this world. Lavin is the Chair and Chief Executive of OSI Group, an international food-processing conglomerate. His leadership in the company spans over 40 years. His expertise in executing growth strategies has helped the company over the years. His tenure as a bank executive and an investment manager honed his leadership skills significantly. The exposure taught him the skills of leading large companies like OSI.

During his earlier days, Sheldon Lavin played a critical role in the company’s development. He worked as a financial expert in the banking sector. Otto Kolschowsky, the founder of OSI, would meet him as he looked for funds to boost the company then called Otto & Sons. Their relationship blossomed, and Lavin joined the company as the financial consultant. Otto & Sons rebranded in 1975 to build its global expansion in a better way. By then it had expanded its operations beyond the brick and mortar outlet at Chicago.

The company became OSI Group with Sheldon Lavin taking over as the Chief Executive Officer. He continues to embrace the company’s expansion strategies. Sheldon always yearned to own a business, and his continuous involvement with OSI fulfilled his dreams. Lavin, the company’s chairperson, has developed it to one of the powerhouses in the food processing industry. Lavin has learned to move with the dynamic change in technology that continuously kicks non-compliant companies out of business.

During his tenure at OSI Group’s leadership, Sheldon Lavin has facilitated many initiatives for the benefit of the company. Besides opening new facilities that help the sustainability of the customers’ demands, Sheldon has developed a knack for mergers and acquisitions. He has acquired various companies and formed constructive partnerships with others.

The beauty of such collaboration is that OSI Group has continued to expand its customer base, thus growing at a fast rate. Sheldon works closely with David McDonald, his long-term workmate. David joined the company as the project manager. Today, David sits as the company’s president and chief operations officer and his leadership skills resonate well with Sheldon Lavin.

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