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Maurício Mendonça Godoy Brought Innovation to the Oil Industry In Brazil

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is a revered businessman in Brazil. He has an excellent education background. Maurício Mendonça has a couple of advanced degrees among them Mechanical Engineering that he acquired in 1981. Besides engineering, he also has a background in business administration and petroleum production. He has served in different firms such as Toyo Setal earning vast experience and tremendous skills. Maurício Mendonça has managed to create advanced ships for production and storage that were unique from what they have been used to before. He is a businessman and entrepreneur in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently, he is the President of EBR, Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda. While in Toyo Setal, he attained promotion and paved through various ranks to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the company.

EBR is the leading company in petroleum production in Brazil. After proving his potential at Toyo Setal, Maurício Mendonça Godoy won other leadership and management positions. His excellent performance attracted the attention of other companies earning him mare posts. After his 2012 promotion to Chief Executive Officer of Toyo Setal, he served in this position until 2015. He then decided to join EBR as the president, a post that he maintains to date. EBR majors in the production of oil field products in Libra and Buzios which have tough and unique challenges that must be addressed when producing various resources from the fields.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy has vast experience in leadership that has helped him to grow and develop the company. In Toyo Setal, he played a significant role in a project that involved the installation of AVEVA Plant. AVEVA is a software that was developed to help in design, design management, and plant engineering. The software employs object-centered technology and is among the most productive software suites currently available in the industry. The project helps the company to combine all disciplines that the company deals within the AVATAR Project. The project enabled them to reduce the workforce by 30 percent. Maurício Mendonça Godoy has made a great name across Brazil for his leadership and management skills. Under his leadership, Toyo Setal has experienced incredible growth and success. He is a mentor and a role model for many leaders.

Serge Belamant’s Patents Has Paved a Path in the Blockchain World

In any field of expertise, there is always an iconic name attached to it. The names Vitalik Buterin and Satoshi Nakamoto are at the top of the list when talking about cryptocurrency. Investors flocked to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Etherieum because they believed that is believed to disrupt the financial sector. The fundamental element of cryptocurrency is the blockchain. Speculators in blockchain think that this underlying element will outlast cryptocurrencies. Serge Belamant’s knowledge and expertise in the blockchain comes into play. Mr. Melamant is not a common name yet, but his contributions in this field will soon emerge. One could describe blockchain as an expanding record of data that is encrypted and linked together in sequential order. The data contains important information such as time of transaction and the amount. Many systems in action today are archaic and slow.

This ledger system increases the security and transparency of transactions from user to user. Serge Belamant holds a special place in the blockchain world. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted him the patent for various implementations in the blockchain technology. For the past 20 years, many functionalities have been registered and implemented into the blockchain system. For example, Serge Belamant filed a patent that allows the system to assign an identity to the sender or the receiver to verify the existence of an account. The patents that filed over the years paved the way for what cryptocurrency is today. Technology has always been in Serge’s life.

Like many technology icons, Serge Belamant left school early to pursue his passion for software development. His most relevant start was during his time at SASWITCH Limited. During this time he worked on a system where he implemented a real-time switching system and transaction processing within an RSA financial system. Recently Serge Belamant has moved on to greater things by starting a new firm called Zilch Technology Limited with his son. The company has its aims on furthering the blockchain technology and the blockchain market. By building upon his earlier works in financial technology, the world has evolved into a more secure and transparent place.

JD.com Consumers “trading up”

In this blog, the success of JD.com is discussed. The major reason behind the success of the company was the changes they made as a part of the campaign 6.18. The transaction sales hit up a new milestone of $29.2 billion. The biggest reason behind such an immense change in the market is that the company released new products in the market. This helped them to engage the customers on the website and also provide them with a better set of products. JD.com also made strategical changes in the website which made it easier for the customers to find out their desired products. The transaction sales volume in the lower tier cities was twice more than in the upper tier cities. This was also an improvement because this has never happened before.

The growth of the company in the lower tier cities was also increasing which was very beneficial for the growth of the company. They also initiated two campaigns which engaged more than 100 million customers. JD.com introduced a new way to market their products. Customer-to-manufacturer (C2M) was a way in which the products made were of the customer choice. In this method, the customer preference was sent to the company who then made the product according to customer needs. The sales of HP’s Zhan 66 laptops increased 289% in this year. This model was made according to the customer’s requirement and has proved to be a huge success with the help of JD.com.

Several new brands also launched their outlets on JD.com. This was because JD.com is one of the biggest websites that is catering to the needs of Chinese customers. Moreover, they also were catering to sophisticated or upper-class customers. One of the most famous Italian brands, Prada, launched their outlet on JD.com. Miu Miu and Car Shoe, two sister companies under the brand name of Prada were also launched on the website. JD has also worked in different departments, for instance, they worked with different hotels all across the world. So, JD.com with the help of technology is improving their standards and are continuing to satisfy their customer.

Jason Hope And His Involvement With The SENS Research Foundation

Born in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist, having shown his passion for technology as well as giving back to the community. He received his degree in finance from Arizona State University, and also went on to earn an MBA degree from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope launched a mobile communication company at the start of his career, and now focuses his time on investing in startups and on philanthropy. One area in which he has shown particular interest is the anti-aging industry, partnering up with Aubrey de Grey, the Chief Science Officer and founder of SENS Research Foundation. The non-profit organization acts as a research center, focusing on employing regenerative medicine in order to treat the damages which are causing age-related diseases.

Showing his interest in that specific field and his faith in SENS Research Foundation, Jason Hope donated the sum of $500,000. The money donated by Hope combined with other donations received by SENS, helped the foundation further its work by establishing the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Jason Hope talked in an interview about the generous donation towards SENS and noted that he was happy to donate the money due to the fact that the organization is coming up with unique ways when it comes to fighting aging. During the interview he went on to talk about the fact that the organization focuses its time on diseases that have degenerative effects on the body and are speeding up the aging process, highlighting Alzheimer’s and lung disease.

The SENS Research Foundation hosts every year the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference, which brings together experts in the industry who are able to impart knowledge on the subject of aging. The research done by the organization has implications in the cosmetic industry as well. Jason Hope believes that the organization’s research will gain more media coverage once people learn about what the developed programs are able to do when it comes to combating aging. When talking about the organization, he stated that the involvement in anti-aging is not simply about wanting to live forever, but about creating a better quality of life.