Sugary Foods Do Not Cause Hyperactivity in Children

Parents of young children generally try to control their intake of sugar to keep them healthy and prevent them from getting hyperactive. It has long been thought that sugar causes people, especially children, to get “sugar high” and have a boost of energy.  Gianfrancesco Genoso is glad to hear the news about this study.


A long term placebo study, where participants did not know whether what they ate or drank contained sugar, revealed that the hyperactive effect may be psychological. Researchers did not release the study results in hopes that parents would feed their children more sugary products; just to debunk a long-believe myth of sugar causing hyperactivity. While a candy bar may not give children a “sugar high” it is most definitely not considered a healthy food.

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  1. Moderation is the key to enjoying sweets of all sorts. Recent studies have found evidence that sugary foods and drinks have no difference in the behavior of children. There are evidently things that makes want to have a surplus in all of these things which might not be glowing for time now.

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