Success in Entrepreneurship with Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an epitome of success in entrepreneurship as far as women in business are concerned. She has successively appeared among world’s great women motivated by the passion they have in their line of work. Susan was born in East Liverpool, Ohio to a humble family, with the father as football coach. The father groomed her to work hard and see herself as equal to her peers. This has helped her forge forward working with both men and women successfully and professionally. She currently is an executive consultant situated in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where she runs P3 Executive Consulting Company, which she founded in 2013. It deals majorly in branding, supply chain and organizational development for customers both in the borders of the retail industry and outside the industry. It also offers its clients an intrinsic perspective of the retail world. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College in business and marketing.

She is viewed both as a successful woman and a leader owing to her expertise in business management, retail, marketing and managerial duties. She commenced her career in Joseph Horne Company working in marketing and administrative positions. This gained her enough experience that led to her moving to American Eagle Outfitters where through her immense creativity, prompted the company to diversify and produce women clothing and accessories for the first time. She was then appointed the chief executive officer to head this wing and later promoted to president of the entire company. In 2009, she joined HFF Inc., a commercial real estate company where she was appointed to the board of directors.

Mrs. McGalla strongly believes that the only avenue through which women can get to success in the male-dominated business world is through self-confidence in addition to proper education. With these instruments, not even the ceiling can hold you. Besides molding her career and dream, she works as the director of Strategic Planning and Growth at Pittsburgh Steelers. All her work is done with great autonomy attributed to the hard-earned experience over the years in retail industries associating with different people and companies. Her confidence and courage to contend with powerful business people and financial matters seem to have without a doubt bore to her success.

Susan’s life explicitly portrays the role of women in the economy mainly through management, accounting, and technology. Their ability to make decisions has also come out as more of them make appearances in board meetings of corporate multinational companies. Susan would like to see fellow women get a good education to give them an edge and insight to make refined decisions in tackling economic problems. Self-governed people like Susan paint well the images of industries and are currently in high demand. This gives her the need to advise upcoming young businesswomen on practical strategies that can guarantee their success and share the glory. Her career has had her offer consultant services to powerful entrepreneurs who would like a taste of her unique retail views. This has significantly widened the market for P3 consulting leading to its success.

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