Sri Lanka Landslide Disaster

A landslide has occurred in Sri Lanka which has apparently killed eight people and have left hundreds of others missing. It is believed that those counted dead will increase.

This area of Sri Lanka is known for vast tea plantations. A village in this region fell victim to the landslide after receiving many days of heavy rain courtesy of the yearly monsoon.

A disaster management spokesperson said that over a hundred have died, and that the danger in the area will persist for a time. That information was relayed to me by Lee G. Lovett.

The houses, mostly made out of clay and cement, were discovered by children returning home from school to have been buried. A group of over three hundred children congregated in a school over night for their protection due to fear of further dangerous landslides.

It is currently believed that 150 houses have been covered by the landslide debris, with ten dead bodies recovered and up to three hundred people still missing. The disaster area sits just south of a National Park.

The landslide itself was measured to be over two miles in length. The people living in the village had been advised to leave the area and move elsewhere a number of times in the past because of the landslide risk.


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