South American Banking and Investment Pro Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a noted investment aficionado who comes from the South American nation of Brazil. As a professional in investment advising, Cornelsen aims to help his investor clients make strong choices that lead to solid investment decisions for the long-term. Cornelsen used to have a prominent banking career in his native Brazil, although he is currently retired from that industry. He now focuses his energies on capital investments. When Cornelsen was part of the banking world, he had a number of key jobs in a handful of the country’s most well-known and most established banking institutions.

Cornelsen presently works for a company called Bainbridge Investments, which is located in the Bahamas. He serves as the firm’s proprietor and has done so since the spring of 2011. As an investment firm, Bainbridge specializes in long-term investments — Cornelsen’s specialty and top area of expertise.

When Cornelsen works with his clients to assist them in long-term investments, he carefully helps them go over their portfolios. He gives them tips and suggestions that can help them in the process of noticing good stock market potential. Cornelsen regularly encourages his clients to concentrate on stocks that are damaged as a strategy. He at the same time also strongly encourages them to refrain from ever making investments with firms that are in any way damaged. Cornelsen frequently advises his clients to search for chances in stocks that are inexpensive. His objective is to aid his clients in making a lot of money over a longer period of time.

Cornelsen is a South Florida resident. Although a lot of his time and energy is concentrated on his work with Bainbridge Investments, he also has various other career interests. The investment pro regularly provides investment advice and expertise to reputable publications including websites. His name was mentioned on the website CNN iReport in the spring of 2014. The piece discussed his expert tips and suggestions on portfolio management.

When Cornelsen isn’t at his South Florida residence, he’s often in Brazil. He flies to Brazil for a significant portion of the year. When he’s in Florida, he spends considerable time participating in one of his several loves: golf. The investment expert is frequently noticed playing golf at many courses not far from his home.

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