He is an excellent dancer, composer, musical and world, renowned imitator. It takes brains and smarts to be like someone else. To talk like them, think like them and live like them. Sergio Cortes is a Spanish impersonator who carries the flag of Michael Jackson high all over the world. Sergio now graces the covers of the most prestigious magazines in Brazil and Latin America. He is currently on a world tour and has won the hearts of many across the world. He has 17000 Facebook followers, and you too can follow him on Twitter.

Sergio Cortes has powerfully used his social media accounts to build a powerful brand. He uses it to launch promotions and engage his fan base. It is a rare occurrence and those who get lucky to receive his attention remember it for the rest of their lives. It’s just human nature. Everyone wants to be like the stars.
For the 44-year-old, being like Michael is a personal responsibility that must be met. It is a calling that only the best can head. It is 4 hours of daily training for 28 years and an obsession with details to create a legend. Sergio reveals the Smooth criminal set is the most difficult to master. It takes a real master to be accurate. It is no wonder Sergio doesn’t take the sale of Michael’s Glove kindly nor the sale of Nevada ranch. To him, those are sacred things that belong to museums for public consumption. The glove was last sold for $ 400000 in 2009.It is now expected to go for $ 20000.
One of his defining features is the fact that he performs songs Michael never played in real life. Those that Michael performed are done to perfection and have accumulated 1 billion views on YouTube. It is a magical number that even the best musicians struggle to hit.
Sergio Jacksons efforts have led to the legacy of the king to live. The young can now experience the legend while the old relive the memories. It is a powerful and easy way to continue a legacy.
Sergio Cortes lives in Brazil and is a well-known loner. He says he thrives in silence and is a good graphic designer. He also collects dolls and action fingers and has a female Yorkshire called Zappy.

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