Sergio Cortes – The Real MJ Impersonator

Everyday, many people around the world ask for variety in entertainment industry. If celebrities are making their lives interesting, the celebrity impersonators add cherry to the top. These impersonators may be coming from different backgrounds but all have on thing in common, a goal to impersonate their favorite celebrity. And when competitive market like this calls for more challenges and hard work on behalf of these dubs, just being an impersonator of a known figure will not help much. The person needs to have talent to showcase to the public and he or she must carry on well in all occasions. Another important criteria for an impersonator to make name in the entertainment business is that his or her targeted audience should feel like they are getting the right value for their money spent. Many impersonating shows may be more than just a waste of your money and time – those individuals may have their own personalities rather than that of the celebrity they are impersonating. However, only a handful of people have come out successfully with this gig and one such person is Sergio Cortes – Michael Jackson’s impersonator.

Sergio Cortes grew up in Brazil and surely have been privy to the unbelievable attention he had been getting during his high school drama club. His mother and few friends pointed out how he closely resembled Michael Jackson in terms of looks as well as talents. And when he was not officially an impersonator at the time, he considered himself to be the one. It got better from there. Many directors and producers were interested in signing him up for their production show business. Having the ability to sing and dance like Michael Jackson, this gig came easy for Sergio Cortes as well. He got roles in shows and performances where the audience began to praise his talents. Many impersonators don’t have the luck of getting noticed from well-known personalities in the entertainment industry. Unlike them, Sergio Cortes got opportunities as soon as one or two of his shows became popular.

Today, Sergio Cortes travels around the world to participate in a wide range of music shows. For him, working this job isn’t only about money – it is about roles, fulfillment, passions and vocation. He is in fact really interested in making this gig his full-time career so that he can establish his own business in the future. And his popularity has made worthwhile for him to take up this job religiously even if it meant he had to be away from his home. Sergio Cortes has a huge fan base in a wide range of social networks as well, where he keeps in touch with them on a regular basis.

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