Sender was Thinking of Me

Art is a fluid medium, and what people consider art always changes, but there are some enduring themes, and these themes always carry value when they are produced by artists. Additionally, these themes are present in every genre. For instance, recently there has been a return to realistic art or realism. Within realism, there is an edgy art form called hyper-realism. It is appealing because it is outside of the norm, and this edge is an enduring artistic theme.

Popular edgy artists sell well within all genres. For example, Norman Rockwell is known as an establishment artist of his day, but he had a significant watershed art piece about the civil rights movement. This work solidified Norman Rockwell into the annals of everyone’s perception of American art, and his place in it. And like Rockwell, these artist can wield the edge with impunity. Rockwell is famous for posing real models. This means that all of his work is deliberate, and the effect that it will have on the viewer is well researched and delivered.

I speak highly of Norman Rockwell because it is true, but I also speak of him in reference to contemporary art to argue with my intellectual artistic friends. Because of his depiction of themes in an illustrative method, I feel that his art is the precursor to the contemporary art movement. The influence is there even if they will not admit it, but for the same reasons, they deny his influence. However, it is not for philosophical reasons, their indifference to his influence is because they feel his style of art work subtracts from their serious admiration of the movement. They are unwilling to understand that the issues are not mutually exclusive. The fact is that he depicted everyday themes in a philosophical upbeat method even when he was plying a stone cold message. We got heated the last time we went to see some contemporary art on display. This art was part of the collection of a famous contemporary art collector.

The collector is Adam Sender, and he collected over 700 of the most iconic contemporary art pieces. The entire movement can be traced through his collection. Recently, he put them all up for auction except for the larger works. These were donated to famous museums. Sender is a famous investor, and his release put some attention back onto the genre. I like them for the same reasons that I like Norman Rockwell without all the pretension that my friends have. However, I also like many of the works that Sender released to the market, but I will never own. At least he release them to prestigious auction houses that extensively tour the pieces before placing them on the auction block.

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