Securus Technologies Defends Inmates from Financial Scam

The life of an inmate must be very difficult and extremely lonely. I can only imagine being locked away from my family and friends, having to leave the comfort of my bed, while learning to live without the possibility of a homemade meal any time soon. The first thing I would beg the correctional facility for is a phone call to my closest relative. Unfortunately, it seems that many inmates are not given the luxury of an affordable phone call. Fortunately for inmates, Securus Technologies is expressing outrage, disgusted with Global Tel Link, for scamming inmates and correctional facilities.

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Through PR Newswire’s published articles, Securus Technologies hopes inform the public of Global Tel Link’s sneaky wrong doings. For example, my readers should know that Global Tel Link was caught charging a single call more than once, as well as charging extra money to calls after they had already been rated. In fact, it seems that the Louisiana Public Service investigation is hard at work investigating these acts in order to provide justice for inmates.

Despite the unfortunate wrong doings of their carrier, Global Tel Link, Securus Technologies seems to reveal striking integrity. One employee states that he takes offense to Global Tel Link’s horrible scams. He continues, telling that his company strives to serve their customers with their best interests at heart, and that what Global Tel Link has been doing is not a reflect of Securus Technologies’ core values. In fact, several websites seem to credit this employee’s opinion. tells internet surfers that Securus America Technologies is a leader in offering high quality technology. PRNewswire reminds internet users of Securus Technologies goal of making correctional facilities more efficient, safer, and last but not least, to turn inmates into viable citizens. Securus Technologies continues their mission, serving 45 U.S States, according to



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