Securus Field Technicians Are Receiving Certifications From BICSI

Eleven field technicians from Securus Technologies are now certified with the BICSI Installer 1. The BICSI is an internationally recognized standard that certifies individuals in the telecommunications industry, and covers all installation mediums from copper wiring, to fiber optic cables and wireless technologies. Danny de Hoyos, executive vice president of Securus spoke highly of the certification program offered by BICSI. To him, these certifications show Securus’s compliance with high industry standards, and the use of a thorough training program to enhance the skills of their field workers as adding more credibility to their customers. Securus is one of the highest rated customer service telecom companies.


Securus Technologies services various prisons and detention centers across the US. The company is based in Dallas, TX and was founded back in 1986. Securus is run by CEO Rick Smith, COO Robert Pickens, and Vice Presidents Dennis Reinbold and Danny de Hoyos. Securus primarily runs the prison phone system, setting calling rates that comply with government regulations and are fair for inmates and their families. Securus offers prepay and debit options for purchasing phone minutes, or direct billing to inmates’ families or friends. Inmates also can receive voice mail.

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Securus also bought JPay, a platform by which inmates can purchase items through in-house kiosks, or electronic tablets. Items they can buy through these platforms include mp3 music and digital movies, commissary items, or they can signup for online courses or file paperwork electronically. Securus has changed how families visit inmates through their video visitation system. Instead of having to drive to a corrections facility, families can visit loved ones in their own living rooms through signing up for the video visitation service, and using a webcam. Securus also uses THREADS and Investigator Pro software to monitor inmate communications, and alert law enforcement of any immediate threats.


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