Road Rage Ends In The Death Of 39 Year Old US Navy Sailor

Darla Jackson pleads not guilty to first degree murder in the May 28th death of Zach Buob during a road rageincident. Investigators say Jackson entered into an argument with Buob during rush hour traffic, then chased after him and struck his motorcycle, sending him flying over 300 feet where she then ran over him. Jake Sanchez, Officer with the San Diego CHP says this went from simple traffic violation to murder .

According to Kevin Seawright, Jackson’s attorney, Stephen Cline says the video from the scene does not tell the whole story. According to Cline, Buob kicked Jackson’s car and when she chased after him they collided as they ran into traffic. Ex-boyfriends of Jackson say she has a history of violence as they both filed restraining orders against her. One boyfriend even stated she had threatened to run him over with her car.

Zach Buob was a 39 year old Navy chief petty officer with the United States Navy. He had been assigned to Navy Special Warfare Command and had been with the US Navy over 20 years. His friends say this is a huge loss to his family, friends and to our country.

Jackson’s mother is denying the charges against her daughter. She states it was not a case of road rage and that Buob had been threading through traffic and driving erratically. She further claimed her daughter was only following him to get his insurance information. Jackson is currently at Las Colinas a detention facility for women. She is there without bail and awaiting arraignment.

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