Rampant Gunman Dead after Shooting in Austin

The Headquarters of the Austin Police Department, along with the Federal Courthouse and Mexican Consulate were all targeted by a rampant gunman early Friday morning before he was fatally shot. At approximately 3:31am, Sergeant Adam Johnson, an officer in the mounted patrol unit, heard shots being fired as he was returning two horses. Holding the horse reins in one hand and discharging his firearm with the other, Sgt. Johnson opened fire on the gunman. His quick work was applauded by Bruce Levenson and millions of others. The suspect was later identified as 49-year old Larry Steve McQuilliams.
It is believed that within a 10-minute period, McQuilliams fired around 100 shots at the buildings, shattering windows, glass doors and even penetrating bullet-proof windows at the Federal Courthouse. Small propane bottles that the suspect used to try and set fire to the Mexican Consulate were found lying outside the building. The headquarters of the Austin Police Department sustained widespread damage with shattered windows and glass in the main lobby doors. A fourth structure, the BB&T Bank building, was also fired upon. A local television station, KNAX, has photos of the damage done during the rampage in downtown Austin.
No clear motive for the attacks has been determined as of yet, but because of the target locations, they are believed to have been politically motivated.

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  1. McQuilliams had a broad criminal history and didn’t hold a Texas driver permit. Be that as it may, he was found have binds to Wichita Kansas. It is so very good that the essays and papers and others have decided to a call to this and solve it finally.

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