Quality Wikipedia Writing

Writing Concisely on Wikipedia

People get onto Wikipedia to gather information quickly. Visitors are not there to be impressed by your flowery speech or your excellent ability to communicate. They want facts, and they want to find them quickly, easily and want them to be reliable. This article focuses on how you can write Wikipedia articles that will be concise and packed with high-quality content.

Be Concise

Do not write more than you need to. Filler words aren’t necessary. Shorter articles packed with more content are more valuable and appreciated than long articles that stretch their content to fill more pages. Be short and concise, but complete your thoughts. Ensure that every word has a purpose, every sentence adds to the article and every paragraph has content worthy of reading.

Principle of Least Astonishment

Wikipedia articles are not news articles. They are not meant to be written for entertainment or emotional purpose, but purely for quick and easy information research. Do not try to shock your reader or provide information in a dramatic way. Write sequentially so that readers can progress from the beginning to the end of an idea. Do not leave loose ends or unfinished thoughts.

Double Check Your Facts

Typically, Wikipedia articles are not cited for research papers, but they are a source of information that links to credible sources that can be cited. Therefore, the information that you present should be true and researched to help readers accumulate information that you have gathered from other sources. Wikipedia is not a service to post your own opinions or concepts, but is a collaborative site where information and facts are shared. Before you post information, make sure that what you are posting is true. If at all possible, find the information and cite it and try to find a supporting source.

Pay Attention to Spelling

Spelling is crucial to credibility. Wikipedia articles that are littered with proper grammar and spelling mistakes instantly lose credibility with their readers. Use dictionaries and spell checks to ensure that your writing is consistent and trustworthy. It is difficult for readers to find information if there are misspellings and errors on a page.

Trying these tips will help you as you begin to contribute on Wikipedia. Wikipedia writing can be beneficial and fun, but should remain professional. Always remember the purpose of Wikipedia whenever contributing to ensure the authenticity of the site’s reputation.

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