QNet Rises to the Challenge

In an international economy dominated by unscrupulous practices and unethical motivations, a beacon of inspiration to think global but act local is the philosophy of the 16-year old Asian e-commerce company QNet in India. This direct selling company has expanded from its beginning in South East Asia to more than eight dozen countries in the surrounding regions of the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia, and most recently has made forays into markets in Europe and Russia. QNet has been doing business for more than thirteen years in India and the future projections for its expected growth are quite impressive as the company moves into a larger share of the direct selling demand. In order to meet this expanding demand, QNet is involved in ongoing investing in manufacturing facilities and new product development. Their refined approach to focus on ‘life enhancement’ has led to a new development of the Indian market as an international starting point.

Not all products are available in India, but the goal for QNet is to expand their reach to the entire global marketplace currently embracing the smaller upstart encroaching on the previously established large retail conglomerates controlling the e-commerce trade. In an effort to reinforce ethical ideals, the company has taken a position that promotes vegetarianism as a healthy lifestyle choice. As a matter of policy, the company is against animal testing and does not allow any non-vegetarian ingredients in their consumable products, either. Further effort is currently underway to slow the growing rates of degenerative diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, by insisting the harmful additives used commonly today by so many others do not go into their products. Their business model and affinity for healthy living make the increasing demand for safe and beneficial products a potentially massive growing market niche for QNet.

QNet has created a very successful position to be in and has done the hard work to secure their place in the expanding e-commerce division of sales and marketing in the modern virtual infrastructure. Manchester City Football Club has recognized the value of QNet as an affiliate and chosen to enter into a contract with them as their official direct selling partner. QNet will undoubtedly take advantage of unique opportunities provided by this new teaming, which they can use as incentives or rewards for loyal customers and exemplary employees. QNET is also heavily vested in philanthropic work internationally in addition to their specialization in products and services focusing on nutrition, personal care, education, health, and home care. The outlook for the future at QNet is a broad stroke that seeks to bring the majority of their manufacturing bases to India from all over the world in the next coming years.

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