QNet Covers A Lot Of Direct Selling Bases

QNet is trying to expand its success potential in the world of direct selling and e-commerce. To those who are new to the concept of direct selling or have no experience in the endeavor, it may seem quizzical that QNet is trying so many different strategies. Does not direct selling merely entail moving products and services away from a retail store or other location? While that may be a basic description of what direct selling’s business model is, there are a lot of other facets that a company has to become involved with.

For one, the company has to know what it is selling and who the products and/or services must be sold to. Simply releasing health products or deals on travel packages as part of a mass marketing campaign is not going to work all that well. Yes, some may choose to be affiliates and a few customer could buy but the better strategy is being more targeted. The targeting should be a combination market research followed by promotional strategies intended to reach the end user.

In India, QNet is working hard at developing very special wellness-based products and services. The belief is the “wellness niche” in India is a strong one. Hence, the products and services QNet are developing are intended to capitalize on a niche that may not have been effectively targeted by competitors.

QNet also knows the power of global branding is important to make a direct selling or e-commerce entity succeed. QNet has taken a very novel step and is working in conjunction with the Manchester City Football Club. Sports are wildly popular all throughout the world and football may be the most popular of all sports. Forming a branding and marketing partnership with the Manchester City Football Club could end up delivering major benefits for all involved. QNet definitely is going to stand apart from the crowd with this strategy.

QNet also understands that operating costs have to be brought under control in order to be successful. The manufacturing of various products has to be done in an affordable manner or else the profit margins on the items end up being weakened. The management of QNet has made a very bold decision. Basically, the company is opting to move 100% of its manufacturing to India. Since the costs of manufacturing in India are low, QNet may be able to boost profit margins well above 10%.

Qnet is also lobbying the government in India to establish better regulatory procedure for direct selling and multi-level marketing. The hope here is the Indian investment will be protected thanks to increased oversight.

Overall, QNet is doing a lot of things to increase the chances of success. Effectively running a direct marketing requires this.

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