QNet: A Company Known For Its Innovation

QNet is trying to change the direct selling industry for the better. The company has been around for a little more than 16 years and has made a tremendous amount of progress in the e-commerce world. There are quite a few competitors the company has to contend with and through numerous innovative business strategies, the management of QNet is helping the company stand out in an industry that competes for the same customer base.

For one, QNet entered into a joint partnership agreement with a Manchester Football (Soccer) Club to help raise impressions about its brand. Not very many direct selling companies would think about working with sports teams. Even those that offer fitness and health products might not look towards working with a sports club. Now, the direct selling company may associate with gyms and fitness-related entities. Such an approach is narrow since the amateur and professional sports world is connected to fitness and health in many ways. QNet is being very smart by trying to brand itself through affiliating with the football club. The company does deserve a host of kudos.

QNet’s innovations are found in numerous markets throughout the world. Roughly 100 countries are home to the presence of QNet affiliates and products. India, however, could be the prime location from the most intriguing of all QNet innovations. QNet is hoping to release scores of new niche products related to healthy living in India. In addition to selling the products, the company is surely going to expand its affiliates’ sales presence in the country of well. This would make a lot of sense since products are not exactly going to be easy to move without a powerful sales force.

QNet wants a powerful and honest presence in India, too. The management of QNet has pointed out it would prefer the Indian government worked very hard at establishing better regulations to ensure better integrity in the direct selling and multi-level marketing industry. Some might find this news to be shocking since few industries are interested in seeing increased regulation since regulation is usually thought of as being stifling.

In some cases, heavier regulation keeps the less-than-honest managers out of the industry. QNet wants to see the direct selling landscape become free of bad press and full of reliable, reputable companies and entrepreneurs. Improved regulations and oversight could help with these goals. Here, QNet’s home page discusses their business further.

QNet truly is hoping to expand its presence in the India in a number of ways. Probably the most pronounced is the decision to move all product manufacturing to the less-costly domestic borders of India. The hope here is lower costs will lead to improved profits. Hopefully, QNet will achieve its goals and experience more success.

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