Pushing For More Campaign Reforms In The United States

End Citizens United is an organization that was formed in 2015 to seek support for reforms in the ruling on political funding. In 2010, there was a ruling by the Supreme Court that eliminated any restrictions in the funding of political campaigns. After the ruling, candidates were allowed to receive any amount of funding from any corporations or rich individuals. In other words, the rich candidates can easily influence the outcome of the elections.

The operations of End Citizens United are financed by the donations from the members who come from different parts of the country. Most of the members are actively involved in the organization’s activities to ensure that reform-oriented leaders get to power. During the official launch, the organization’s officials announced that they had about $2 million from donations. There was a plan to raise about $25 million to $30 million.

End Citizens United has campaigned for several reform-oriented democratic candidates. According to the organization, the Republican candidates have not shown commitment towards making changes to the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling. The leadership of the organization pointed out that they were ready to support independent and Republican candidates who are also determined to make changes to campaign financing. The organization has a website which it uses to pass important news to the members concerning the political developments in the country. It also displays the leaders who have purposed to support the reforms. You can also donate through the website.

End Citizens United filed a case with the Federal Electoral Commission against Rick Scott. The organization alleged that Mr. Scott had raised about $78 million illegally. He previously worked for PAC. According to the allegations, Rick Scott was using PAC to avoid the disclosure requirements. When informed about the accusations, he denied being involved in the matter despite the proof that was provided. End Citizens have argued that the ruling by the Supreme Court poses great risks to the democratic space in the country. Some rich individuals are likely to use the provision of non-disclosure of sources of campaign funds to facilitate money laundering. By use of donations, End Citizens United hopes to change the political situation in the country by restoring democracy and accountability among the political candidates.

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