Purina Is A Global Pet Food Icon

One of the subsidiaries of Nestlé is Purina Pet Care on newscenter. This company produces many products for pets, including treats, food and even kitty litter. Some of the brand marketed under this label is Purina One, Beneful and Friskies. Back in 2001, Purina combined with Ralston and was purchased by the Nestle Corporation for an astonishing $10.3 billion. The company continued to grow as the trend to spend more money on pet’s health care became commonplace. By 2012, they had become the second-largest food company in the world and the largest in America.

Known for their outstanding brand and selection, Purina has been recognized for pet-related charities and their superior manufacturing processes. They are active in television advertising, competitions, and sponsorship. This company has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. However, they also have operations in six other countries, which includes the following:

• North America
• Asia
• Africa
• Europe
• Latin America
• Oceania

At their headquarters in St. Louis, they have 50 acres to utilize for their manufacturing purposes. On this facility, there are 15 buildings that are used for training and also their manufacturing purposes. In 2010, Purina took things a step further for their highly sponsored dog shows. They build an event center that cost $10 million. They are big sponsors of charity events surrounding animals too. They have the Pet Pride Day where all of the employees are encouraged to not only bring their animals to work but also to volunteer to help. They have gyms, trainers, and a medical center on the grounds to help on this day. With such employee awareness and special programs that involve man’s best friend, they only have a small turnover of five percent.

In 2005, Purina Petcare received and recognition of being the second most profitable company in the country right behind the pharmaceutical companies in America. They hold more than 23.1 percent of the pet food market. Their largest competitor is the Mars Company, which holds 23.4 shares of the industry. Both Mars and Nestle are competitive and the battle has been fierce.

With so much good come some studious honors. In 2010, they won the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award. This was for their exceptional manufacturing performance. They are known for being a “green” company and trying to reduce their waste. They have reduced packaging and even went as far as installing solar panels to produce power to their office spaces. They were ranked the 11 most sustainable companies in 2011. To date, they have 19 manufacturing plants worldwide and continue to be great. Purina has made their mark on the pet food industry. They continue to do bigger and better things for the sake of the pets who depend on the products they produce.

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