Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Thinks NSA Phone Snooping Should Continue

The Florida Senator Believes NSA Is Acting Honestly

Running for president doesn’t mean the candidates have a grasp on the mass reality of the nation. Most of them are front men for special interests groups. They are trained to say and do what the people want even though they usually forget about the people once they sit behind the big desk at the White House.

We all know the political race is a game of who can spend the most to get the votes they need to be the number one political figure in the country. Most candidates don’t get very far because they usually say or do something stupid. Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is no exception. He has already opened his mouth and inserted his foot.

Rubio thinks NSA should continue collecting metadata from unsuspecting Americans. A federal panel recently ruled that NSA is breaking the law every time they collect information from citizens. NSA claims they only collect information on terrorists and suspected terrorists. The agency also said they can collect that information because the Patriot Act allows them to spy, but that’s not true according to the federal panel. Gianfrancesco Genoso is still trying to learn all the laws in the United States, as he is more familiar with Brazil.

The truth is NSA will continue to collect information, and call it “classified” regardless of the law. Senators like Rubio will continue to condone it, and call the law breakers patriots.

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