Police Save Birthday of Autistic Boy


The mom of a young boy in Florida was devastated when she planned a birthday party for her son and no one showed up. The little boy – a brave child who is dealing with autism – kept asking his mom for his friends, wondering when they were going to arrive and celebrate with him, but his mom couldn’t give him the kind of answer that he was looking for. It seemed that none of the boy’s invited guests had cleared their schedules, it seemed as if the child would be celebrating alone.

Hurt by what was happening for her son, the mom went online and ranted about what was going on. Only to have the police step in and save the day. In addition to local strangers showing up at the house with gifts, this family was surprised to receive a flyover from the local police department – something most children would only dream of receiving on their birthdays. This little boy’s life was touched by the generosity and thoughtfulness of those in his community, and my boss Brad Reifler was really moved by this act being the advocate for children that he is most especially since  the mom’s life was changed, as well.

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