Pampered Pooch, Owner Owned

Yes, it seems to be quite reasonable for dog owners to become owned by their furry children. This is actually done in quite an adorable way because dogs just have a way of looking into his or her owners eyes and oozing with love. Really, look at those cute, little adorable pug eyes staring up, no owner can resist that ever. It is just this unconditional wellness that Beneful bring into the heart of many and soon the owner is owned by the dog.

The pooch, especially if pug sized is treated as if she were a mere human. Picked up and held on the hip with the, I got one over on my owner, dazed look. The pup maybe in love with her mother or she might just be that intelligent, something like this will never be known for certain. Human mom takes great care of the furry child. 

If the pup is lucky enough it is fed quality dog food by Beneful, which is chalk full of wholesome, healthy and natural ingredients. This is because they understand their pet needs meat and rice, not corn and starch. There is a widespread array of Beneful treats stacked up high so the dog can’t reach them on its own but often she scams some when asked to come into the house after outside time. She might even be in love with the yummy, healthy teeth treats which work to keep the dogs teeth in good shape. Beneful at really does make this particular pups day. 

The human mother even takes the allergy ridden puppy to the groomers on ever other month basis which includes brushing and gland relief to stop the itchiness the pug has. This is a typical problem with many breeds but pugs are often struggle with this due to allergies. If the dog is lucky the owner will take the dog for two walks per day, morning and night. It is really good for all dogs to get exercise but especially for this little pug who has a tendency to becomes overweight without even overfeeding. Beneful does have a healthy weight dog food as well and occasionally the dog might need to be put onto to something like that. 

Since the pug has short hair brushing does not need to be as often but for other long hair dogs at least every other day helps cut down on the problematic shedding. Dogs also need to be seen by their vet on a regular basis and receive yearly shots, especially rabies shot for all dogs known to be outside or not, possibly picking up other animals. This can give a chance at them catching rabies from a rabid animal which is a deadly disease to all animals but especially dogs. Dogs can be a lot of work but are just like humans in that for them to stay healthy they need us to take care of them, as they can’t do it on their own. They will however own their humans way to, perfectly well. 

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