HCR Wealth Advisors: A Provider of Personalized Financial Strategies

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm founded in 1988 to provide wealth management to customers. The privately held company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The goal of HCR Wealth Advisors is to develop relationships with clients which last throughout their lifetime by providing information, trust, and dialogue. Clients are provided with information on the risks associated with their financial portfolios and potential vulnerabilities which allow them to plan for unforeseen events. Clients who stay with HCR Wealth Advisors have typically worked with the firm for more than a decade.

Changes occur in the lives of all individuals. Clients are assisted by HCR Wealth Advisors to develop a plan and techniques to create the lifestyle they desire later in their lives. HCR Wealth Advisors aspires to aggregate the different aspects of their clients’ financial lives to create a holistic framework which develops as the client transitions through life.

There are personalized strategies which are created by HCR Wealth Advisors. The unique style of developing financial strategies for clients has been practiced by the firm for over a quarter of a century. HCR Wealth Advisors begins working with new clients by taking the time to examine their needs and financial goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors can assist clients with developing a plan for creating the retirement they desire. Retirement has taken on new meaning as individuals address life after retirement. People may spend two decades planning for their retirement during their working years. Individuals are working to determine what they will do after they leave their current positions. Addressing the aspects of retirement which do not pertain to finances is currently an aspect of retirement planning. Former workers may spend over three decades retired. Retirement touches every area of life and challenges such as psychological and emotional health and various types of physical consequences may occur if leaving the workforce is not planned properly. Additionally, employees need to determine if they have the desire to continue to work in some capacity while they are retired. To get help from HCR Wealth, visit them on Twitter or Facebook.

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Key lessons learned from Clay Hutson’s career journey.

Clay Hutson is a sound engineer, and a successful businessman in the entertainment industry, from an early age Clay, identified his passion in music. Clay recognized the only way he could make it in the entertainment world was by advancing his skills. He thus enrolled for a course in theater design, this excellent stepping stone in his career and has contributed profoundly in his career.

However, Clay’s success did not come easy; he has experienced challenges that have helped make him a better leader and business owner. Some of the critical business lessons learned from Clay Hutson’s journey include;

Invest in perfecting your skills, music is Clay’s passion, but despite this Clay has invested his time in ensuring that his knowledge and skills are added, he attended school and later on worked in different organizations. He was in charge of live tours and shows, and this gave him vast knowledge of the sector and gave him an opportunity to learn some of the ways to emerge the best.

Be confident in your work, one thing that triggered the emergence of his business was losing his job, he lost his job, but since he had perfected his skills, he was confident that though the entertainment industry was tough, he could make. Clients want to feel safe with your services so be confident.

Pay attention to detail; this is one of Clay’s greatest asset. Paying attention to detail ensures that you produce quality services as well as products. Before settling on other tasks for the day, Clay Hutson ensures that he goes through the stage and the equipment to ensure that the show runs smoothly from the beginning to the end.

As a business person, it is essential to ensure customers find quality for their money by

guaranteeing quality services clients are bound to come back for your services.

Work closely with your employees, as an employer it is important to ensure you work closely with the crew, this ensures that the entire team is working towards achieving the same goal. Each morning Clay divides roles and ensures that each crew member understands their role and are in apposition to execute the task entirely.

Dedication and hard work, to prosper in any career or business venture it is important to be dedicated, do all you can to ensure you succeed.

Clay Hutson’s career journey is a great inspiration and teaches us that when you are dedicated, you will be able to achieve anything you desire in life, Clay has managed to turn his passion into a successful career. Learn more: https://twitter.com/@Clayhutson1

The Concerns Of Hussain Sajwani For Growth

Hussain Sajwani believes in the preservation of crucial relationships for the general success of his business. It has been over time speculated by ethics commissions that his relationship with President Donald Trump was for the mere purpose of benefitting his business ventures. He clarified these speculations by stating he had no political interests. A more personal relationship with the Trump Family was also brought to light. This way, his intentions stopped seeming selfish.

Hussain Sajwani is currently the chairman and CEO of the DAMAC Properties. This is a real estate company which deals with the construction of luxury apartments for residents and luxury recreational facilities. This company and the quality of its work has opened up a platform for the CEO to further interact with very influential personalities worldwide. For instance, he recently worked with Donald Trump to construct luxury international golf courses owned by the billionaire president. This is what most probably has paved way for the growth of Sajwani, to an extent of being ranked as one of the 100 most influential Arab men worldwide.

DAMAC Properties is currently a very well performing company. they have been able to overcome economic storms in the past, such as the 2008 economic depression. Currently, the company is looking forward to having an Initial Public Offering (IPO), not only in the Dubai Stocks Exchange, where it is a listed company but also on the London Stocks Exchange. Its growth according to projections is expected to remain constant. The issue of succession is one of the greatest speculations. However, the CEO has recently commented that the business has taken up a corporate organization strategy. It is not mainly a family empire.

His philanthropic nature also illuminated his concern and enthusiasm for mankind and social growth. For instance, Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, gave a cheque of two million dollars in support of dressing of needy children, which is an initiative by the Dubai government. This was just one of the initiatives taken. The DAMAC Properties, which Hussain Sajwani is chair of has shown continued support to the government of Dubai in efforts of improving the living standards of people around the world.

How Sajwani’s life began: https://thenewsversion.com/2018/03/look-life-damac-owner-hussain-sajwani/

Exploring The Features of Talk Fusion and Using Them For Marketing Purposes

Marketers are encouraged to check out the Talk Fusion app. One thing that they are encouraged to look at is all of the features that are available on the app. There are a ton of different features that can be used for marketing. The only thing is that not every marketer is going to need every feature. For this reason, each individual marketer has the responsibility to find the features that they are going to use. They are obviously going to choose the feature that is best suited to their needs. The marketer has to make sure that the feature he uses gives them a competitive edge.


One of the most important features that Talk Fusion has is video email. As a matter of fact, video email is the main purpose of Talk Fusion. This app has been thought about when Bob Reina has looked for a way to send a video he has recorded in an email. When he has found that it was impossible at the time, he thought about ways that he can develop an app that can enable people to send video with their email. He has come up with Talk Fusion as well as a few good features. Learn more: https://talkfusion.com/en


Talk Fusion has kept up with the mobile market. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. Therefore, people do not have to spend money on an extra mobile device in order to be able to use it. Marketers can gain many different advantages with Talk Fusion. One major advantage is being able to connect with the customers. For instance, they can answer some concerns that the customer may have about the product they have just bought. Talk Fusion connects the marketers with the customers in a much better way. Therefore, the marketers will have an easier time building a trusting relationship.

Jason Hope backing SENS Foundation on the anti-aging quest

Jason Hope and SENS Foundation are on the path of developing an aging reversal process. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who funds initiatives that are struck by different organizations to reverse the aging process.

One of the organizations that Jason Hope is funding is SENS Foundation. The founder of SENS is Audrey de Grey, who co-founded the Foundation 8 years ago. Before starting SENS, he was already undertaking research on anti-aging solutions.

Audrey de Grey grew up in London, England where he also took his undergraduate program in computer science at the University of Cambridge. After his graduation, he joined the Sinclaire Research company where he learned more about Artificial Intelligence. Later on, he grew more in tune with humans and our quest for anti-aging products. This led him to pursue a Ph.D. in Biology from the Universiy of Cambridge.

Audrey was inspired by a book that was based on mitochondria; this book explained how ways that were less damaging to the mitochondrial DNA in the body had a chance of affecting the aging process by life extension. Audrey agreed on the damage of the mitochondria as the source of aging amongst other causes. He went ahead to focus his career on finding different methods that would counter the damage caused on the mitochondria. This inspired the formation of the SENS Research Foundation.

Medical research and lab operations are conducted in SENS Foundation as it goes ahead to perform outreach programs to raise awareness to the public and to ensure policymakers understand the cause of aging. Audrey has a strong desire to reverse aging and he has also contributed more than $10 million to fund the research he is undertaking at SENS.

When Jason Hope funded SENS $500,000, he praised the work that the foundation was doing. He championed the strategy the foundation was using to fight diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Jason has a strong feeling that SENS is going to bring about a pivotal moment in the medical field. Jason Hope believes that SENS is going to redefine healthcare in ways that biotech and pharmaceutical industries will not ignore.

Jason believes that SENS is going to not only help in treating conditions and diseases, but it is also going to repair any damage that aging that is done to the body before diseases spring up, and become dangerous killer diseases like cancer, or diabetes e.t.c.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

End Citizens United Helping Reform the Campaign Finance System of the United States

The campaign finance system of the United States has been a topic of concern for many political analysts. Since the time the Supreme Court of the United States have voted in favor of the Citizens United demand to allow an unlimited amount of corporate money to flow into the elections, mostly anonymously, it has been difficult to control the scale at which the election campaigns are organized. The amount of money spent on elections has reached hundreds of millions in the past couple of presidential elections, and it continues to increase. Many organizations are trying to overturn the decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court constitutionally, but it is a time taking process.

One of the organizations that have been working relentlessly to bring awareness about how broken the campaign finance system of the United States is and how it can be fixed is the End Citizens United. It was formed in March 2015, with only aim to overturn the Supreme Court decision in favor of the Citizens United, and to bring accountability in the campaign finance system. With the help of the grassroots donations, End Citizens United aim to help the political candidates who are in support of their mission to end the flow of big money in politics. There are scores of political candidates that End Citizens United endorses, and it continues to do so with passing the time.

As soon as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Citizens United in 2010, an unprecedented amount of corporate cash flooded into the elections. With such massive amount of money, it became more comfortable for the candidates to design and implement lavish and extravagant election campaigns and associated ads, which were bound to influence the people. It made the elections unfair against the political candidates who didn’t have an unlimited supply of corporate cash. In short, the candidates without corporate backing have no chance of coming to power.

It is what the End Citizens United aims to end as the organization wants that the political candidates that are chosen by the people without any bias to the Senate are elected, and not the one who is supported by the corporate. At present, End Citizens United is picking political candidates from the Democratic Party who are in favor of overturning the campaign finance system. It uses the online digital platform to collect money from the masses as well as to create awareness about how the U.S. campaign finance system needs a change.

For More info: mothershipstrategies.com/case-study/end-citizens-united/

Jeff Aronin and the Three-Step Strategy of Paragon Biosciences

Paragon Biosciences’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Aronin, has been continuously committed in helping patients who are afflicted with a disease that have scarce or no available treatment alternatives. For the past decade, the FDA or Food and Drug Authority have approved 13 new drugs that were produced by Paragon Biosciences. The investor and incubator company was able to accomplish such feat by incorporating its three-step method of identify, building and developing prospective medicines.

In the identify stage, Jeff Aronin and his team must be able to uncover specific ailments that have little or no remedies available. Then the company reviews the number of individuals afflicted with the disease, and searches for available treatments that physicians can provide. After this, Paragon will explore and study the patients’ situation meticulously to know the scientific facts about the disease. The information must be substantial enough to meet the requirements of the patients.

The next stage is to build, where after having been successful in the identification of the disease; Paragon Biosciences will now put together companies that will work to generate the required medicine (https://gazetteday.com/2018/02/jeff-aronin/). While there may be a strong possibility that the creation of the needed medicine can take some time, maybe years even, Paragon will provide the needed resources and support of the said companies to make sure that the development of drugs and the necessary approvals are achieved in an efficient manner.

Once the building phase is over, Paragon’s executive management will handle the paper works and transactions required for FDA approval. And for the past 10 years, Paragon Biosciences was able to secure the approval of 13 new drugs, which is a better accomplishment compared to other forerunners in the industry.

The Paragon Biosciences Companies at present are the: Castle Creek, Harmony Biosciences, Decade and Precision BP. These companies have different strategies in addressing particular medical and clinical fields.

Jeff Aronin is a Non-Executive Chairman of numerous Paragon companies. He has been acknowledged for his contributions in the bioscience industry by award giving organizations who bestowed the following awards to Jeff Aronin: the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award, and the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Awards.

Digital Wallets, The Tool Of The Millennials

Since the starting of the 21st century, currency exchanged has taken countless upgrades. Not too long ago, people relied mostly on cash and checks to make payments. If the trade is huge, than they used checks. Otherwise, they relied mostly on cash for payments. Then came the credit cards, and after that debit cards. But since the year 2000, technology went to a whole new level. With the release of pay-pal, online trading took a new turn. And after that, apple pay and now, the release of PSI-pay and Ecopayz bear a promising new image of a game-changer.


Despite all the changes, one thing people never thought they would have to do is abandon their ‘wallets’. And that is what PSI-pay is doing. Establishing the concept of a digital wallet right in your smart phones. Where no one has to carry around that fold-able bag of leather full of ‘paper’ and cards. Rather, carry it around where-ever and when-ever you wish to leave your house, without the fear checking your pocket to see whether your wallet is still where should be or not.


Today’s millennials are highly advanced. They want things done with speed rather then wait. So digital wallets really save them the hassle. And slowly, the old-school adults are also liking the idea of digital payments. And PSI-pay has a great role in that. Because not only does it speed up a transaction, it also does it securely. Waiting in line at a fast food restaurant and paying the cashier and then counting your change just seems really back-dated and slow. Specially in an era where time means money.


Due to this game change, the economy has also adopted to it. Now in every busy city, majority of stores have started to accept payments through digital wallets, and by 2020, every retail store in the US and Europe will accept digital payments. Not to mention the fact that, through wearable technology, the concept of actually taking out anything from your pockets to make a payment will be the day of the past.



OSI Food Solutions: Servicing the Service Industry

Who services the service industry. Well, in the case of food service there are a few major players. OSI is one of these companies. OSI has an interesting history. Starting off in a small town in Ohio, the — now major — food company has seen some ups and downs in its history. Trying to compete with the mega food industry players isn’t easy, but OSI has been doing it and doing it well. Their reliance on employee care and customer satisfaction have gained them notoriety around the world and with it a slew of new problems.

One of these problems is a simple production one. OSI Food Solutions isn’t alone on this issue. The world demands meat and lots of it. Every meat packaging company has issues keeping up with the increasing demand. Driving prices down, while simultaneously feeding all 7 plus billion people on the planet over 75 lbs of meat a year isn’t easy. One way of doing this is increasing production, something with OSI has been doing. An example of this is their Toledo, Spain factory where they recently increased it’s capacity from 12,000 tons of chicken to 24,000 tons of chicken annually. The other way, is increasing network, brand, and production capabilities via acquisition. In this aspect, OSI Food Solutions is a master.

Over the last couple years, two major purchases have set OSI Food Solutions apart from the competition. The first of which is Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch company that offers various convenience items such as deli meats and other foods. The company has five subsidiaries that operate factories in Germany and the Netherlands. OSI recently absorbed Baho Foods making them the new deli meat supplier of northern Europe. This gives them solid trade routes in difficult to establish countries such as the Netherlands while also giving them some new products to bring to the table.

The other major purchase was Flagship Europe (now Creative Food Solutions) a company that specializes in frozen poultry, pies, sauces, and sandwich fillings. Creative Foods supplies some of the largest food service industry players in the UK. Adding these products to their portfolio gives OSI Food Solutions a key area of expertise in a nuanced market. It also serves to improve their brand identity as a whole.

OSI has become the master of acquisition. Having the ability to craft compelling products while also keeping a sharp eye out for competitors in niche markets have put OSI Food Solutions high on the list of the Top 100 Food Companies in the world.

About OSI Food Solutions: www.kimeta.de/stellenangebote-osi

Lori Senecal is an Exemplary Business Leader

Great leaders are often very crucial team players since they seem to appreciate the essence of good teamwork. They also seem to agree that collaboration will always make the dream work come true. In the business world, great leaders who appreciate partnership are just but in plenty. No wonder great women who succeeded in the business world value teamwork. Lori Senecal would be a perfect example having set the bar quite high in the business world.


Background Data


Lori Senecal starts her vibrant career with a degree in sales and marketing which, acts as her essential tool in making her success story. Her innovation skills were not too far off as she started TAG ideation a young –adult marketing unit in 2003.She posses a widespread knowledge in the management of a multinational account and accredited expertise on data analytics. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Contribution to Business


Moreover, Senecal is pretty knowledgeable especially in matters of marketing and advertising. She gives her all in business and is persuaded by the fact that at the end of the year, what matters are the numbers. To have come all the way, Lori Senecal worked with various companies to shape her career in business, advertising, and marketing. For starters, she notably worked for Coca-Cola, Nestle, Molson, InBev and Applebee’s just to mention a few. Additionally, she worked for Xbox and Staples. In all her capacities as a lead executive, she ensured that business was on the safest platform ever. And that is perhaps how she managed to maneuver her roles into CP+B. Check out Mediapost to know more.


Her Skills


Because she is rich in multinational accounting knowledge, Lori Senecal managed to earn a promotion to manage the sales and marketing department division at McCann Erickson Worldwide. She was also allowed to serve as the managing director for TAG New York. In 2009, Lori Senecal landed a managerial role at Kirshenbaum Bond Partners where she worked as the chief executive officer. You can visit Inspirery to know more.


The Overview of Leadership


When it comes to success in business, then we know none so well that leadership is in question. Lori Senecal has exuded confidence in her leadership skills. Throughout the years of experience, she has shown that indeed, great leadership is the essence of a successful business.



Read more: http://www.gcreport.com/curious-storied-career-lori-senecal-global-ceo/