NuoDB Is The Latet Thing For Cloud Databases

NuoDB is a database project that aims to compete with leading SQL database technologies. Since 2008, their database solution has been implemented by numerous international companies and public institutions. Kodiak, Alfa Systems and the UAE Exchange are some of their biggest customers. The co-founder Barry S. Morris is now the CEO of the company.

The project leaders first named the company NimbusDB, but later decided on NuoDB in 2011. The company had a major breakthrough after reveiving their first patent in the United States in 2012. This decision had improved venture capital investing and they had received up to $12 million in total.

NuoDB is the database of choice for many cloud based applications. Since it is compliant it with SQL standards, it is considered by many to be the new waveof SQL databases. The distributed object artitecture in particular is what attracts many cloud based developers. As more servers are added to the ditributed cluster, it will improve the overall performance of the application’s database. Edgar F. Codd’s work on databases was an inspirational part of the software concept.

The company offeres both free and paid versions of the software. The community edition is fully functional, but the paid version offers direct advanced support features.

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