Nizan Guanaes Wants To Change The World

Every company knows that one of the most important factors in its success is well executed marketing and advertising campaigns. In order to properly design a marketing campaign, it is imperative to conduct proper research into the target market. The interests, preferences, lifestyle and associated trends are all common factors to consider when creating an effective marketing campaign.

Any company that wants to bring its products, brand or existence into a wider sphere of awareness will need to measure its reach. There are likely less people to reach with marketing campaigns that specifically target people who were born in California, moved to Ohio only to dislike the weather and subsequently move to florida to sell books on why Ohio’s weather is unfavorable.

One individual who knows marketing and advertising quite well is Brazilian Nizan Guanaes. Nizan, who founder and chairs the brazilian holding company, Grupo ABC uses his expertise as a vehicle to help encourage world change.

His company is comprised of 18 other companies. The sector focuses of these companies include advertising and marketing and content and entertainment. Since its inception 8 years ago, Grupo ABC became one of the 19th most successful marketing groups on Earth.

Grupo ABC has been nominated for Global Growth awards by the World Economic Forum. Nizan Guanaes was named one of the top 5 most influential Brazilian businessmen by the Financial Times. Nizan has earned himself a reputation by campaigning for world change, and is passionate about many social causes. Many of the social causes that have earned his passion are those regarding education and helping others establish themselves with a career as a small business owner. He is also dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of his native Brazil.

Nizan Guanaes is a member of UNAIDS as well as maintains active membership in the Clinton Global Initiative. With his understanding of marketing and advertising strategies, Nizan is able to help create positive change in the world around him.

Together for Girls is a project collaboration between Grupo ABC and other UN entities that works to help the world realize the reality of sexual assault on women and girls.

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