New Changes in FreedomPop Include UK Market Expansion

In one of the most highly anticipated maneuvers, mobile mogul for free internet, FreedomPop has finally unleashed their service to residents in the United Kingdom. Their program has tested well in the United States, and they plan to satisfy customers in the United Kingdom starting September of 2015. They offer premier internet at a low price. The service is free. In fact, all the UK customer will be asked to pay for the free service is a one time start up fee. The start up fee is only costing seven pounds. With it comes 200 minutes of talk time, 200 text messages and an allowance of 200 MB. This starts new every month, of course. After paying the set up fee, customers have complete access to these resources on the device.

Some people prefer to keep their original plan. They use the free service from FreedomPop as a supplement to their original plan. Others use FreedomPop exclusively. Some people are okay with the free plan the way it is. Others opt to add on to the free plan offered by FreedomPop. The low rate for United Kingdom residents is still being set up, as of September 23, 2015. This information was reported by the Telegraph. The rates for UK residents to add on to the free plan will range between 4.99 pounds and 16.99 pounds. Not everyone chooses to add on to the free plan.

Some people are just fine with the free plan offered here. It’s a lot of phone usage and can really come in handy. The creator of FreedomPop claims that statistically only around half of United States customers chose to add on to the free plan by buying more phone coverage. The company uses mobile hotspots, wireless internet hotspots and usage from other carriers to accommodate their customers. They buy bulk data and network usage at lower prices, so they can pass the savings on to the end user.

This is the first step of many more steps in FreedomPop’s international expansion plan. If it works well for United States markets, then it will likely work well for United Kingdom markets. In addition to paying for extra usage, customers will have the option to do marketing surveys in exchange for resources.

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