Neuroscientist Jorge Moll Takes Brazilian Research to New Level

Jorge Moll is the founder of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. Moll is a neuroscientist who studied and received his medical degrees in Brazil. Moll was recently interviewed by ( In the interview, Moll reveals what a day in his life is like. Moll stated that “Most of my days are filled with many meetings that cover a variety of topics. I speak with a number of students, associates, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs that represent a variety of organizations…” Jorge Moll works on projects that he hopes will help improve the lives of others. According to Researchgate Jorge Moll has been apart of projects such as “Neural bases of ingroup altrustic motivation in soccer fans” and “Hemispheric Dominance for Stereognosis in a Patient With an Infarct of the Left Postcentral Censory Hand Area” Projects such as these lead the way in Neuroscience research. In Moll’s Q& A on Moll provides some insight into how he chooses which projects to work on, Moll states that “I tend to choose the ones that can be converted into a plan of action and allow for collaboration.” Jorge Moll often collaborates with scientists at Stanford University and according to (Crunchbase), Moll was presented with the Visiting Scholar Award in 2015 from Standford Neuroscience Institute at Stanford University. Jorge Moll has interesting ideas about actions scientists can take to change the world, one of his ideas he reveals in his interview on, Moll suggests that “My passionate belief [is] that we can change our realities and positively impact lives and industries, by simply doing interesting things.” In his interview, Moll even suggests that “[Scientists] should have new aspirations that address big challenges. Challenges that give us the ability to pursue long-term and high-risk ideas”. Since 2006, Jorge has been a member of the editorial board of two Neuroscience periodicals, Social Neuroscience and Demtinia & Neuropsychology, according to, and has worked to found institutes for the study of Neuroscience. In his interview with Moll suggests a business idea he may be interested in pursuing in the future, “…it would be great to start a company that meets the needs of people and makes entering a hospital simple, enjoyable and memorable.” Jorge Moll continues to work in his institute in Brazil and seems to have a clear vision for what he plans to do with his future.


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